No, for real. I’m posting.

I know, it’s been a while. But since someone bullied shamed gently coaxed me, I’m finally updating my blog.

Honestly, facebook is so much easier. I don’t have the pressure to commit to it. People think I’m funny on facebook. When I post here, I sit and wonder, “will they understand my weird sense of humor?” “Will they like me? I mean, really, really, like me?” My friends on facebook are mostly weirdos like me who laugh at my dry humor and the foolish things my husband and I do-like yelling “get my children outta here!” like Miss Sophia in the Color Purple before starting the microwave. But this post isn’t about my weirdness or my love of facebook (I’ve been a member since 2005! How crazy is that?), it’s about my new commitment to post once a week in order to satisfy the masses (aka the four people reading).

So here’s the deal. Y’all can count on at least one weekly post. Two, if I feel particularly poetic. I warn you, these posts may be random (like me) and just flow with my train of thought (also random in making connections). If you’re a new reader, welcome. If you’re one of the Faithful Four, thanks for sticking around!


#31 Day Reset

In an effort to find new blogs, I stumbled across Happy Black Woman and the 31 day  reset your life challenge. Since becoming a mom, a  stay at home one at that-I’ve kind of lost my footing in the world. I figured a life reset would be a way for me to get back on track to the me I used to be, or even better: an upgraded, more focused and confident me.

Day 1’s task was to choose a journal, mantra, and song. While it’s easier for me to do the assignments on the computer, I did find a journal around the house. I chose Jilly from Philly’s “Golden” as my theme song (every hero’s got to have theme music).

While I will be sharing some of my thoughts and parts of the assignments, I think the best way for me to do the reset is to focus inward. Every few days, I’ll post something new or worth sharing. Hopefully in 31 days, I’ll be the me I want to be!


Happy new year, folks!

Let’s see if I post more this year-once a week, maybe? Our NYE was pretty quiet. I woke up with about 3 minutes to go until the countdown (hey, in 2011 I missed it completely).We went to a Kwanzaa program earlier in the day at the museum which was pretty good. There was dancing, singing, and a steel pan band. Although we enjoyed it, the lady behind us complained the entire time. The steel pan music wasn’t good, people wouldn’t give up seats they were holding, she didn’t want to eat “American food…” and this was after she nearly poked a hole in my shoulder to ask if the seat two seats over (that we weren’t holding for ANYONE) was free. Anyway, we rang in 2012 on the couch.

Later that day, we headed out to Target in search of things to make us more organized. I got a day planner, some laundry baskets, frozen fruits for smoothies…and I’ve used none of them. Sometime this year, I plan to get it together, lol. That evening we headed over to the baby’s godparents to hang out and have dinner. It was nice to be around young people (some with kids) sharing a meal and just chilling. Everyone sat around on the floor, talking and laughing. The baby enjoyed himself, as everyone gushed over his cuteness.

I’ve made a few resolutions, most of which I’m diligently working on. I’m trying to eat better, keep the house in some sort of order, and be better all around.

Hoping you all enjoyed your new year and are looking to bigger and better things in 2012!

So now I need to find a dress to wear to a wedding. And something for the baby to wear to a wedding. On Christmas Eve. Who does that?

I know who does that. Seems to be religious folk, because my parents are also going to a wedding on Christmas Eve. A reverend is getting (re)married.

How long should one wait to get remarried? Does it matter if they are in a high profile position? Does age matter?

Hubs says we’ll only go to the ceremony and not the reception. I had to remind him that all the good opportunities for jokes happen at the reception, unless someone trips down the aisle.

I think I want to take a trip for my 30th birthday next year. Bahamas for the weekend or something.

Next year will be a good year. I’m declaring it from now. I will be at the weight I want, with the job I want, making the money that I want, while saving for the house I want, being the wife and mother that I want, with the fashion and style that I want. I will drive more, even on the highway. I will work on my spiritual relationship and go to a house of worship (with or without my family) once a month. I will be a better listener. I will actually check voicemail before the box gets full, and then return phone calls.

And I will do it all without complaint.

Cutting out the stress

Shortly after my “episode,” I cut my hair. Like, the same day. I had been unraveling my locs while i was in the hospital, since I was supposed to have my hair done that afternoon anyway. My hairdresser came over to my house and cut what was left of my locs off and dyed my hair back to my “summer color,” Honey Blonde.

I was feeling bored with my locs. Also, the new style was just too much to maintain in order to have it looking the way it was supposed to. I knew I didn’t have the funds or time to keep up with locs anymore, so I cut them. My husband cut his too–he was actually planning to cut his, but I beat him to it. So now we’re two short haired people.

I like my short hair most days. I’ve never had hair this short…like teeny weeny afro short. I went from a perm, to a weave, to a Victoria Beckham short cut, to micro braids, to a huge ‘fro for a day, to locs. I hadn’t seen my own natural hair since 8th grade. Now I’m re-learning its textures. The big, straight-ish, poof I had in fifth grade is really a bunch of tight curls. I’m still trying to figure out which products work best, but I like being able to jump in the shower, wash my hair, and go. I’m sure as it gets longer the routine may be a little more challenging, but I’m up for it. I’m hoping that it will eventually look like this:

But we’ll see.

The End of 2010

I sit here typing as my husband (not so softly) snores beside me. I’ve been up on and off since 4am. I hope I can make it to 2011, but chances are, I’ll be asleep. As the year comes to an end, I can look back at all that’s happened. I lost my job and had to collect unemployment. I started a job as a temp and was able to decide that I didn’t have to stand for a low salary just for the sake of having something full time. I became president of my sorority chapter. I threw a great baby shower. I saw my cousin get married. I got married.

2011 will bring huge changes. This year, I’m becoming a mother. This year, I’m seriously going to attack my debt. This year, I’m going to blog more. This year, I’m going to cook more. This year, I’m going to work to my full potential in every area. This year is my year.

Happy 2011, everyone!


With school and work and everything else on my plate, I haven’t found time to post. Every now and then I pop in and read, but haven’t gotten around to writing myself. Since I have some time off, I figured I’d let you know what’s going on.

I have officially finished my first sememster of grad school. The grades? 5 A’s and an incomplete, thanks to a jerk of a professor who told me I could email him my final and then claimed he never receieved it–although I sent it to him 3 seperate times. He says he’ll change it at the beginning of next semester (Jan 5th)…all I know is he better be changing it to an A. I need to send my grades somewhere so they need to look right–is a 4.0 so much to ask?

I went to a psychic. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy, but I was curious. My co-worker was telling us about him and how he said she’d have children within a year–she’s expecting in April. So I went to see him, and he told me stuff he couldn’t possible have known. He told me about my job-he knew I worked in human resources, but that I had gone to school for English. He said after the kids, I’ll be teaching English. The kids? Apparently, there will be 3 pregnancies. He told me I’d be getting married…which was my biggest fear. I swore that I was going to be an old maid and have a bunch of cats or something. It seems like every time I turn around, someone else is getting married or engaged, or starting a family. Girls I went to high school with are married with 2 and 3 kids by now. Guys I went to college with are becomming dads. People I thought would NEVER get married are engaged. And I’m still sitting around wondering if it will ever happen for me. Now I know marriage is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be, but seeing all these engaged people every time I get on facebook depresses me. The boyfriend and I have had “the talk,” but it’s not going to happen any time soon.

I have gained so much weight, and most of it’s in my face. I’m happy to have finally moved up to a size 5/6 (from a 0), but I wish I was more toned. It is my goal to get in some kind of shape in ’09. I want to gain 6 more pounds (which would make me 130), and then start getting toned and even.

I am so lazy…I call myself having a get together next Saturday. My apartment is looking like a God awful mess, from the boxes sitting in my living room, the clothes I said I was donating that are still sitting in bags, clothes all over…and I’m sitting in bed typing this.

I’m watching Cribs…who or what made Pretty Ricky think they were hot? In what universe does 2 beds pushed together equal “grown and sexy”? All this hood rich nonsense…just plain foolish.

Anyway, I’m about to go make myself usefl, try to clean up and order food for next week…the kid is not a chef, and I want to have curry chicken and roti…so I’m off.

thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord…

Oh, you brought me, you brought me from a mighty

A mighty long way, a mighty long way…

For months I have been complaining and whining about this job. How they give me asinine tasks like watering the plants and typing mailing labels, and getting e-mail from a CO-WORKER telling me I need to be here at 9am because when our boss comes back from vacation on Monday she’ll be in early all week(joke’s on you because I’m on vacation next week anyway)…well, I don’t have to complain anymore because I have been offered a new position!

I will be doing HR for a luxury body product company (that was mentioned in this month’s Essence, the one with the First family on the cover) at a significantly higher pay rate than this popsicle stand. I’m happy to be returning to the HR field, but I’m disappointed in leaving this current position.

When I took the job here, I thought I’d be learning a lot. I figured I’d come in at the assistant level and work my way up, because everyone has to start somewhere, right? On my one year anniversary, I sat down with my boss and let her know that I felt I was ready to take on more responsibilities and start learning more about the business. I even asked her if there was some type of “junior planner” role I could take on. She told me how smart I was, how she liked my initiative, and that I would be able to learn and actually have input on an upcoming project. No dice. the only input I had was inputing names into the database. She played me like a fool, and I was left watering plants and making labels for her grandchildren’s presents for another six months. In May, I decided that I was fed up with the lack of responsibility and respect and began looking for a new place to display my skills. For months, I filled out applications, sent my resume on monster, careerbuilder, and craigslist. Few of my efforts actually resulted in interviews. I actually had a phone interview this week, and when I called in, they told me the position had already been filled.

Feeling hopeless and quite like a loser, I looked into the “quarterlife crisis,” which I seem to have. Basically, 20-somethings reach a point where they ask themselves, “what am I doing with my life?” and “what have I accomplished?” My problem was comparing myself to the other graduates of the class of 2005, wondering why I had wasted so much money on getting a degree when I had nothing to show for it but a big ol’ piece of paper.

Finally, my prayers were answered. (And believe me, I was a praying fool). I was offered the position and my offer letter will be arriving in the mail next week. My last day at this joint will be September 6th.