thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord…

Oh, you brought me, you brought me from a mighty

A mighty long way, a mighty long way…

For months I have been complaining and whining about this job. How they give me asinine tasks like watering the plants and typing mailing labels, and getting e-mail from a CO-WORKER telling me I need to be here at 9am because when our boss comes back from vacation on Monday she’ll be in early all week(joke’s on you because I’m on vacation next week anyway)…well, I don’t have to complain anymore because I have been offered a new position!

I will be doing HR for a luxury body product company (that was mentioned in this month’s Essence, the one with the First family on the cover) at a significantly higher pay rate than this popsicle stand. I’m happy to be returning to the HR field, but I’m disappointed in leaving this current position.

When I took the job here, I thought I’d be learning a lot. I figured I’d come in at the assistant level and work my way up, because everyone has to start somewhere, right? On my one year anniversary, I sat down with my boss and let her know that I felt I was ready to take on more responsibilities and start learning more about the business. I even asked her if there was some type of “junior planner” role I could take on. She told me how smart I was, how she liked my initiative, and that I would be able to learn and actually have input on an upcoming project. No dice. the only input I had was inputing names into the database. She played me like a fool, and I was left watering plants and making labels for her grandchildren’s presents for another six months. In May, I decided that I was fed up with the lack of responsibility and respect and began looking for a new place to display my skills. For months, I filled out applications, sent my resume on monster, careerbuilder, and craigslist. Few of my efforts actually resulted in interviews. I actually had a phone interview this week, and when I called in, they told me the position had already been filled.

Feeling hopeless and quite like a loser, I looked into the “quarterlife crisis,” which I seem to have. Basically, 20-somethings reach a point where they ask themselves, “what am I doing with my life?” and “what have I accomplished?” My problem was comparing myself to the other graduates of the class of 2005, wondering why I had wasted so much money on getting a degree when I had nothing to show for it but a big ol’ piece of paper.

Finally, my prayers were answered. (And believe me, I was a praying fool). I was offered the position and my offer letter will be arriving in the mail next week. My last day at this joint will be September 6th.