Oh, childhood…

Remember this song?

I remember my cousin teaching us the words he had learned in the teen program at camp, which went:

We didn’t start the dryer
There were socks and underwear
Flying everywhere

Or the other version:

I didn’t fart, you liar
It was just a breeze
I didn’t cut the cheese!

Ah, the memories.
Rockin’ Robin was one of our favorite hand games at school. We play with 3 girls, but it was more fun with 4. Someone always messed up.

Batman and Robin
Swingin’ in the air
Batman lost his underwear
Batman said, I don’t care
Mama’s gonna buy me a brand new pair

Somehow, as I got older the rhymes got raunchier.

Went downtown to buy a stick of butter
Saw James Brown sittin’ in the gutter
Took a piece of glass
Shoved it up his ass
Never saw a motherf^*r run so fast
Rockin’ Robin
Tweet, tway lee….

Makes me wonder what the kids are coming up with these days. I’m sure it’s much worse.