#31 Day Reset

In an effort to find new blogs, I stumbled across Happy Black Woman and the 31 day  reset your life challenge. Since becoming a mom, a  stay at home one at that-I’ve kind of lost my footing in the world. I figured a life reset would be a way for me to get back on track to the me I used to be, or even better: an upgraded, more focused and confident me.

Day 1’s task was to choose a journal, mantra, and song. While it’s easier for me to do the assignments on the computer, I did find a journal around the house. I chose Jilly from Philly’s “Golden” as my theme song (every hero’s got to have theme music).

While I will be sharing some of my thoughts and parts of the assignments, I think the best way for me to do the reset is to focus inward. Every few days, I’ll post something new or worth sharing. Hopefully in 31 days, I’ll be the me I want to be!