I am tah’d. Like, more than tired.  More than back drooping, bone rattling tired. Having two little people amd one big man depending on you is tiring, especially when one of those people sucks his nourishment out of you. Sleep is a distant memory. It’s not all bad, though.  I love my family, my little boys. It’s just crazy to me that I have one. Me? Someone’s mom? Two someones? Nuts.

The baby is doing great!  He eats like a champ and is so chubby. He coos and smiles and sometimes looks like a grumpy old man. He’s fitting into his big brother’s six month clothes already…and he won’t be three months old until the 19th.

This past Sunday we celebrated our oldest’s second birthday. We had it at a party place my husband found on the back of a bus. Wait,  that definitely sounds weird. While driving to work, he saw an ad on the back of a bus. Our son loved it. We got a private room, pizza for the little ones, a Thomas cake and balloons, tokens to play in the arcade, and access to the toddler playground. Let me tell you, that playground wore me out! Up the slide, down the slide.  In the box, out of the box. Run here,  run there. All while helping him navigate. Looking at him among the other kids makes me remember that he’s a preemie. He just seems so much smaller. He’s so advanced in other areas, though.

Friday is his actual birthday,  and daddy and I have taken the day off. We plan on taking him to buy more Thomas stuff, and then…his first haircut. I’m nervous. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but I’m freaking out. To go from this:


to a fade? Mommy is scared. But it will stop him from looking like a ragamuffin when he wakes up in the morning. This kid gets his hair braided on Friday.  By Saturday it looks a week old.

Being back at work is less eventful than I thought it would be. It’s the same old work,  with breaks for pumping milk. I did get a raise though. Crazy, after being out on bed rest and maternity leave, AND not even being with the company a full year. I’m thankful! That extra $0.70 an hour brings my salary to the most I’ve ever made. It’s still not where I want it to be, living in New York city with two kids, but I won’t complain.

I’ve begun my “Journey to MILF-dom” with a group of friends who are also new moms. Breastfeeding has made me lose too much weight,  so I’m working on my pounds. My body looks ok, except I’d like to get the bulk of my stomach transferred to my butt. I don’t need to be Serena, but I’d like my pants to fit again. I bought a kettle bell and some resistance bands, and we’re talking about getting an xbox and that zumba game. Now I just have to find the time to actually use it.


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