He’s Here!

Baby Ari was born on February 19th.

Hubs and I had Monday off. We’d been at his mom’s house all weekend, getting some rest and grocery shopping done. I had been asking him how he felt about having a baby that day. He told me to stop playing and let the baby come on its own because I’d been asking him that all week. But a mother knows…

He decided to get things in order, just in case. Maybe he had a feeling. He put both car seats in the car and set up the double stroller. We got ready for my doctor’s appointment at 6:30. We saw the baby on sonogram and monitored my contractions. They weren’t strong or often.  The doctor said all was well and it would be okay if I went into labor anytime soon because we were considered full term. Leave me to take that and run with it.

I started having contractions that woke me out of my sleep around 1am.I pulled out my phone and started the app that would track them. I walked around the apartment and made sure my bags were packed the way I wanted. I realized I should probably wake my husband up. I told him it was time to go and he shot out of bed like a rocket…to look for his long johns, lol. He went to warm up the car,  and I called my dad to take Nasir (thank God they only live upstairs! ). I had a few more contractions on the way to the hospital. 

I hunched my way over to the front desk and asked (or demanded) a wheelchair.The nurse and midwife who checked me made it seem like the baby was going to fall out if I farted, so they sent me to a delivery room. The contractions got worse and I was clutching my husband’s hand, arm and back. Soon it was time to push. I started and couldn’t stop, even when the doctor said to. It took about six pushes, and Ari Maasai was born at 7:59 am.

We are-I mean, he is-resting. I’m running on adrenaline and catching sleep as it comes. I’m doing well and talking care of myself though. Nasir’s reaction to hearing his brother had arrived?  “Oh no! “



4 thoughts on “He’s Here!

    • Thanks! I pray for rest too…how have you been?  I’ve missed your posts.

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