What happens now?

Being on bed rest gives you plenty of time to think. While you’re laying around watching television and generally feeling useless, a lot of things cross your mind.

I’ve been thinking about the type of mother/woman I’m going to be after baby #2 is born. I’ve seen so many mom bloggers (and regular bloggers) get in shape, get a routine together, get life in order…I want that. I want to maintain a certain weight, even while breastfeeding. I want to become that coupon mom who saves her family a ton on groceries. I want to start a skincare routine. I want to dress and look like an adult. I want to drive instead of taking the train or having my husband “chauffeur” me everywhere.  Simply put, I want to make changes.

I go back to work in two weeks, but I’m realizing that I feel stagnant career-wise. While I’m thankful to have a job, period, I don’t really feel like it follows the career path I thought I was on. I started in HR and figured I was on track to be a manager. When I began looking for work after my son was born, I was under qualified for management roles, but over qualified for coordinator or analyst roles. I fell into a payroll position, but it’s like starting over in a whole new field. During my interview with the CFO, he let me know that it was kind of an entry level position. Sure, it’s similar to a job I used to do, but it’s payroll. I don’t even like math! Now I feel kind of lost. I have a masters degree that I’m not using (and don’t really know how to put to use), and a job that doesn’t really have much room for growth-but at a great company. Ideally, I’d like to parlay this into another, higher paying position that puts me back on the HR track or at least aligns me with something I can do long term. I want to eventually move our family to the DMV area, but I don’t know what kind of employment I’d seek.

So, changes. I just don’t know where to start.


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