Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner…

What? More than one post in a week? Now that I’ve committed to at least one, I find time to post more often. Weird.

Anyway, I have my 3 hour glucose test in about an hour, so I probably shouldn’t be blogging about food…but whatevs. I had to share this awesome recipe with you guys. I’ve been trying to get on my domestic grind since I turned 30. I bought a crock pot that I’ve used once, tried recipes I’ve found from stay at home mom blogs…and it’s all been a dismal failure. And then I found, and the heavens opened up.

My husband, who almost always adds pepper to his food, who tells me I’m starving him and make him “Tiff-sized” plates, gobbled down this coconut curry pumpkin soup and asked if there was more. The fact that it was vegetarian sent him over the top. He told me it was good, he told me it made up for all the failed recipes I’d attempted, he kissed me like it was our wedding day, lol.

Mine sorta looked like this.

Now, I modified the recipe a little. I omitted the scotch bonnet pepper because I intended to give the baby soup as well. I added a little more coconut milk, a little less vegetable broth, half an onion (because hubby hates onions), and a little black pepper. I also added cornstarch at the end to thicken the soup, because I don’t have a hand frother thing and my electric hand mixer wasn’t cutting it. All in all, it was a great dish, and I plan to make it again.


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