No, for real. I’m posting.

I know, it’s been a while. But since someone bullied shamed gently coaxed me, I’m finally updating my blog.

Honestly, facebook is so much easier. I don’t have the pressure to commit to it. People think I’m funny on facebook. When I post here, I sit and wonder, “will they understand my weird sense of humor?” “Will they like me? I mean, really, really, like me?” My friends on facebook are mostly weirdos like me who laugh at my dry humor and the foolish things my husband and I do-like yelling “get my children outta here!” like Miss Sophia in the Color Purple before starting the microwave. But this post isn’t about my weirdness or my love of facebook (I’ve been a member since 2005! How crazy is that?), it’s about my new commitment to post once a week in order to satisfy the masses (aka the four people reading).

So here’s the deal. Y’all can count on at least one weekly post. Two, if I feel particularly poetic. I warn you, these posts may be random (like me) and just flow with my train of thought (also random in making connections). If you’re a new reader, welcome. If you’re one of the Faithful Four, thanks for sticking around!


4 thoughts on “No, for real. I’m posting.

  1. LOL. I’m still here too. I truly love the diversity of thought of the bloggers I follow online. Even though I can’t always comment because I am usually reader from Google.Reader. I truly appreciate the window into other peoples worlds. Looking forward to your posts.

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