Sandy’s Shenanigans

First off, we’re alright. No downed trees, dangling power lines or major flooding in our area. We have power, heat, and water, so we’re more fortunate than a lot of folks right now. We’ve been able to enjoy each other’s company since Monday. Today was my second attempt at going to work…hubby has the week off as a public school employee.

The transportation situation? Foolishness. Most people work in the city, and it’s damn near impossible to get into the city right now. If you’re driving, you need 3 people in your car. If you’re taking the train, good luck. Wednesday morning, I was at the bus stop at 7:10. A driver told us they were only going as far as the Manhattan bridge. I went back to bed. Today I was at the bus stop by 7:30. The bus didn’t come until 8:35. I gave my seat to a girl more pregnant than I was…wouldn’t yoy know not a mofo on the damn bus offered me a seat except the pregnant girl? So I stood for an hour.

Coming home was a nightmare. It’s 8:04. I left the office at 5:03. I’m STILL not anywhere! I’m on my way to my mother in law’s because all the Brooklyn buses were packed and after waiting an hour and a half, I just knew I would end up fighting someone, pregnant or not.

And to top it all off, Scandal isn’t on this week.


2 thoughts on “Sandy’s Shenanigans

    • Funny thing is, we get 7.5 hours each day regardless of if we make it in or not. Blame my sense of personal responsibility and wanting to make a good impression (I’ve only been FT since August).

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