Random Stuff

First off, shouts and prayers go out to MrsTDJ and the entire TDJ family. If you haven’t already, please go show her some love as she deals with the loss of her beloved husband. 

Our family is going through some things, but we’re going to be alright. I started beasting with my resume, and got a few calls for interviews. Then on Monday, one of the recruiters at a temp agency (she has been sending me on interviews and submitting my resume like crazy for a while now) called with an opportunity for me. As of yesterday, I’ve been doing temp work at a big movie/electronic company…your TV might be one of their products. While it’s not the ideal job for me, it’s a paycheck and could eventually become permanent. I’ll be able to earn enough to make student loan payments, pay bills, and keep my son in the finest linen. I’m so thankful for this job, as uninteresting as it may be.

Lil’ man has begun standing on his own. Walking? That’s another story. He’ll use his push toy to walk across the apartment. He’ll hold one  of my hands, then one finger, and then revert to crawling. For a boy who seemed so averse to crawling in the first place, he sure seems like he’s going to stick with it now. 

It just so happens that this temp job puts me right in the heart of NYC. Right near Express, H&M, Loft, NY & Co, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Armani…all that stuff. Too bad I haven’t gained back all the weight I lost, and still look like a pre-teen. NY&Co had a great sale going on, and I thought I would be able to get some work things. No dice. Until I put on another 10-15lbs, even the extra small is still extra huge on me. Story of my life. 

AND I’m skinny fat. My belly has been commented on by my grandmother, mother, and husband, and I don’t like the way it looks. I might have to put that baby belly binder thing that I used after giving birth. Or exercise. 

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Sadly, I got hooked. Along with Design Star, Hell’s Kitchen, and Cold Case. 

I hate the new Boost mobile commercial. The one with the genie who used to be on The Parenthood and in that movie Couples Retreat? Yeah, that one. Hate it. 

Mommy blogging wasn’t really my thing, but I do have a pretty poppin’ mommy group on facebook. I’m glad that other new moms have a place to vent, ask questions, and just talk to other people who know exactly what they’re going through. 

Ok, I’ve run out of random stuff to update y’all on. Until next time!


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