It’s a Party

His first birthday party was a success! 

Despite the early weather reports, we had great weather. We ran around all morning picking up appetizers, food that had been prepared, drinks, and propane for the grill. When our first guests arrived, I was in the shower, lol. We had a good turnout, and more little kids than I anticipated. I almost wished I had gotten a pinata, but I hate the violence that ensues over candy.

People started arriving around 2:00, right when the birthday boy woke from his nap. He went to EVERYONE, without crying, and gave them that little koala bear clutch that babies do. He sat quietly without twisting and turning, like he does with me and his dad. He even wore a party hat–which is crazy because he hates anything on his head. Or feet.

Our guests were well fed, with buffalo wings, fruit, veggies and dip; green salad, potato salad, salmon burgers, turkey burgers, rice and peas, stew chicken, curry chicken, and mac n’ cheese. We cut the cake and let him stick his hand in it. He couldn’t decide what to do next and just clutched the icing in his hand. Cake and homemade ambrosia were our dessert. I was proud that everyone loved the ambrosia, even though I hadn’t put any marshmallows in it. 

Hubby’s man friends gathered in the basement to watch the Knicks/Heat game as everyone was leaving. After the game, we rode to the hospital to see my father in law (fluid on the lungs. Again.), and then came back for leftovers and more ambrosia. 

All in all, we had a great time…and my mother in law said this party has renewed her love for entertaining (even after all the work that had to be done) and she wants to have another party this summer.


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