• The camera has been found! It was hiding in the pocket of a purse I don’t even remember using, along with an almost new EOS lip balm. Have you guys tried this stuff? As a lip stuff junkie, trust me when I tell you it’s amazing.
  • I’d love for someone to explain why diapers are so expensive. For something that’s essentially a portable toilet? Do adult diapers cost this much? I paid $45 for a box of 176 diapers yesterday…to come home to a coupon worth $10 off. Nice, baby store, real nice.
  • Tar.get has gotten me again. The baby store is in a center that also houses Tarjhay, Bed Bath and the outer limits, Marsh.all’s, a big name office supply store, a big name electronics store, a warehouse store, and a few restaurants. Yeah, they want your money. There were sales on everything, so of course we got…everything. We started out with a hand basket in the hopes of corralling our purchases, but things quickly got out of hand. I spent a good 15 minutes playing Tetris with the freezer when we got home.
  • I’ve found a new song to sing to the baby. I can tell he’s my child because this video cracks him up:  
  • And now, since he won’t let me write this post, I’m off to sing it to him.

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