The other night, I finally organized the spice rack. Every time I try a new recipe,  I forget the spices I already have because they’re hidden, and end up buying the same ones. Picture me walking into the living room, feeling proud of myself.

Me: The spice rack is now organized by region.

He: (Looking at me quizzically) Region?

Me: Yup. Caribbean, sweet, miscellaneous, Italian, Spanish.

He: Ok.

Me: So if you were looking for your pepper sauce, where would it be?

He: Where it is.


5 thoughts on “Husbands.

    • Men! The next time he asks me for the pepper sauce or the cayenne, I’m going to give him the same answer–it’s where it is.

    • The pepper sauce is in the Caribbean region, next to the cumin, tumeric, and soy sauce. : )

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