And to all a good night…

How was your holiday?

On Friday, we headed to Queens to spend the evening with my husband’s side of the family. Being the epic procrastinator that he is, my husband waited until the last minute to get gifts for everyone. Picture us at CVS, picking up Burlington and TJ Maxx gift cards. Then, instead of picking up Christmas cards like a normal person, he sprinted into Hallmark as they were closing…then off to Toys R Us for gifts for our nephews. Last minute. 

Anyway, Saturday’s wedding ceremony was very nice. The pastor–excuse me, “apostle” gave a nice sermon on two becoming one that made us reflect on our own marriage. For some reason, no one wore shoes in the church. I couldn’t figure out if it was a religious custom or if they just didn’t want to mess up the church carpet. The reception was at this place that…wasn’t as nice as the ceremony. No one greeted us when we came in, and they were still setting up when we walked into the dining room. The DJ played some good songs, and the apostle was the first one up to dance. 

Christmas morning was spent opening all of the baby’s gifts. After breakfast, we took a nice nap and then headed back home to spend the evening with my family. The baby got more gifts-including a pair of Timbs from his grandparents. The men were in the living room watching basketball, while we hung out trying to teach my aunt the cupid shuffle and learn the wobble (which I still can’t do) from youtube. Around 10, I started to get sleepy, but the baby was still going strong…so we left him with grandma and grandpa and went to bed. All in all, the baby had a great first Christmas! Hope you and your family enjoyed it as much as we did. 


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