Santa came to Brooklyn

I’m sorry to post this so late, but with all the Christmas running around we’ve been doing, I haven’t had a chance to even get on the computer. On Monday, we were at my mother in law’s trying to find a dress for this wedding (hubby has pledged to never shop with me again)–I finally got something at Burlington Coat Factory…they really are more than great coats. Tuesday was…I don’t remember. Yesterday I had an interview for an HR Coordinator position, and with dropping the baby at his godmother’s house, getting to the city for the interview, and all that, I didn’t get to do much of anything…we went to bed around 8pm.

So–on to the point of this post! When we arrived home on Monday, a package from Amazon was waiting for me. Santa removed her mailing address from the label, but left me her government name. On Tuesday, another Amazon package arrived! For someone who loves getting things in the mail, it really was like Christmas.

Santa sent me a great cookbook of Trinidadian recipes! Hey Santa, you’ve created a monster–hubs went through the book selecting dishes he wanted. Santa also delivered an Amazon gift card.

I tried to  play detective and figure out who Santa could be…I have no clue, but I think it could be BK. Whoever you are Santa, thank you!

I mailed out my gift, but forgot to leave a clue! You’ll know it was me from the grocery bags I used to pad the box! From the UPS tracking, it doesn’t look like it has been delivered yet…but it has left the sorting facility, whatever that means.

UPDATE: Ha ha! My detective powers led me to facebook. Yes, I’m somewhat of a facebook stalker, but isn’t that what it’s really for? I’ve found out what my Secret Santa looks like…but still haven’t been able to match her to her blog.


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