Holidays Pictures

We took family photos last night. Unfortunately, we won’t get them until Dec. 23, so our holiday cards will be late.

I’ve been super protective of baby’s image…no internet, only sending pictures through text message. BUT-these are the holidays. So, without further ado….

Leave a comment and I’ll email the password.


4 thoughts on “Holidays Pictures

  1. Last year I goofed around and didn’t get our cards out in December. Then I caught an amazing sale on some site around January 10 or so. I browsed a bit, found a section of “Happy New Year” cards and my new tradition is born. I’ve take the pressure off and I’ll be sending cards using a picture that we all take on Christmas day. Oh and please send me the password. Thanks!

    • I thought about doing them as new year cards, but there’s a big Christmas tree in the background…which might make Kwanzaa cards a little difficult too, lol.

    • Hopefully they’ll be so enchanted by the baby’s smile that they won’t notice it’s the 15th of January, lol. Thanks for commenting!

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