So now I need to find a dress to wear to a wedding. And something for the baby to wear to a wedding. On Christmas Eve. Who does that?

I know who does that. Seems to be religious folk, because my parents are also going to a wedding on Christmas Eve. A reverend is getting (re)married.

How long should one wait to get remarried? Does it matter if they are in a high profile position? Does age matter?

Hubs says we’ll only go to the ceremony and not the reception. I had to remind him that all the good opportunities for jokes happen at the reception, unless someone trips down the aisle.

I think I want to take a trip for my 30th birthday next year. Bahamas for the weekend or something.

Next year will be a good year. I’m declaring it from now. I will be at the weight I want, with the job I want, making the money that I want, while saving for the house I want, being the wife and mother that I want, with the fashion and style that I want. I will drive more, even on the highway. I will work on my spiritual relationship and go to a house of worship (with or without my family) once a month. I will be a better listener. I will actually check voicemail before the box gets full, and then return phone calls.

And I will do it all without complaint.


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  1. Wedding on holidays always seemed weird to me. **shrugs** We decided to get married on the Sat of Labor Day weekend only because my family from NY called to beg that we choose it so that could really enjoy the festivities.

    How long to wait? No set time IMO. Some decide quickly, others date or are engaged for years. Whatever works for folks. It seems that those who are older tend to decide more quickly and marry a little faster though.

    Look at you! LOL! Already prepping for joke time! Enjoy the reception and be ready to spill with us later.

    • My husband would have had a fit if these folks chose Labor Day. And miss the parade on the parkway?I feel like the reverend could have waited a little while longer. It’s only been a year. I’m ALWAYS prepping for joke time.

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