Christmas in Blogland

That special time of year is here…where people who read each other’s blogs buy gifts for one another. Put together by the fabulous Pserendipity, the 3rd annual Christmas in Blogland is kicking off. I wanted to participate last year, but knew I didn’t blog nearly as often as I should have for anyone to get a sense of my personality. This year…you probably still don’t have a sense of my personality, lol.

First, let me say that I’m excited to be receiving something in the mail that isn’t baby related. Second, I’ve already blog stalked the person I chose and found something I think they’ll enjoy. I never give a single item as a gift (must be the Libra in me), so it’s going to be a small combination of things.

Here are a few insights into InnerDiva:

My favorite color is pink. I’m a new wife (1 year) and a new mom (6 mos.).

I love to read. My favorite authors are Jodi Picoult and Tananarive Due-I have almost every book they’ve ever written, except the new ones.

I’m exploring the culinary world. I made chicken for the first time this year! What I really want to master are some Caribbean recipes, like pelau and curry chicken.

I cut my locs about 6 months ago.




I’m currently rocking a curly TWA…and I don’t know what to do with it outside of a headband.

Funky, cool jewelry-like wooden earrings and chunky bangles rocks my socks. Funny enough, socks also rock my socks-the long soccer kind.

Really, I’m just a cornball who’s happy to be participating.



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