Party, lets all get wasted…

Or not.

Saturday night, hubs and I left the baby with grandma and stepped out to a friend’s birthday shindig. After searching my entire closet for something that actually fit, (because I am the incredible shrinking breastfeeding woman) I settled on a short sleeved black dress with black boots. I guess I haven’t been to a club in a while, because almost every woman had on a short, tight dress or bustier type ensemble.

The birthday folks had booths and bottle service. I, being the incredible shrinking breastfeeding woman, ordered a pineapple and cranberry juice….which came in a huge cup. Now, I know you don’t need to drink to have a good time, but I’m so much more interesting when I drink, lol. I was telling one of the girls that I hadn’t had a drink since the last time she had seen me–October of 2010, and that it was hard to think of fun things to talk about that didn’t involve showing her pictures of the baby.

I told myself that I’d have a good time anyway. It’s weird to observe other people being tipsy when you’re completely sober. Hubs and his fellas were toasting, and the ladies were dancing. I couldn’t get around, so I stood by the booth and people watched. Some guy came up to me asking me if I wanted a drink, since he and his buddy had two bottles that they weren’t going to finish. I thanked him and said I wasn’t drinking. He asked why not. He asked me my name, and then told me that he couldn’t stand the last Tiffani he met. Ok, so why are you still talking to me? He walked away and then came back to ask me if I was there with anyone…because women always come to the club to stand in VIP alone. After explaining that I was there with my husband, he walked away again, telling me “your husband can have a drink if he wants one”. Then he came back again to ask if my husband was watching, because he didn’t “want to get anyone in trouble.” He finally walked away…to go offer some more women free drinks. Hubby came over to tease me about my new boyfriend.

The DJ played some songs I could get down to, and hubs and I danced and had a good time. We left around 3, which was right around the time the baby was getting up to chat with his grandma.

Lessons learned from the evening?

  • Buy some new dresses. I felt really self conscious wearing the dress. Without the right accessories, I looked like a hotel maid.
  • Some women are really desperate for attention. Why are you wearing shorts and a bustier-that you keep pulling up every 5 minutes-in December?
  • I am a jerk. So is my husband. Therefore, we can sit and make jokes together and I can have fun without alcohol.
  • Don’t be a stick in the mud. Dance and enjoy yourself.

I know there will be more birthday parties and adult events through 2012…but I’ve made a pledge not to do any major clothes shopping until I gain 20lbs. I’m thinking about buying these and saving them for then:

I’m sensing a trend here…

Thoughts? Comments?


2 thoughts on “Party, lets all get wasted…

  1. LOL @ you looking like the hotel maid! I doubt that ma’am! Glad you guys danced and shared some laughs. It’s so refreshing to get out of the house together without the little guy.

    • MrsTDJ, I am so serious. Without a funky belt or a fly necklace,(which I had forgotten at home), or cleavage (which is gone because I’m the incredible shrinking breastfeeding woman) the dress just doesn’t pop. I need to step my club lady game up. It was great just to be awake past 9pm!

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