Let’s try this…

Let’s try this again…

I’ve got a quick minute while the menfolk sleep. I know my husband must be dead tired because he fell asleep on the couch–and I can hear him snoring all the way from the bedroom. This parenting thing takes a lot out of you, man.

We just celebrated our one year anniversary by seeing The Mountaintop on Broadway. It was a really good play–I highly encourage black folks to go out and see it. It gave new insight into MLK’s life and was inspiring. As we were walking back to the subway (because really, who drives into the city?) surrounded by tourists, we discussed NYC. I guess because I’ve lived here all my life, I just don’t get the big deal. To me, Times Square is just a crowded place with lots of lights. It’s hard to get through to wherever you’re going because of all the people taking pictures or looking up. Jaded New Yorker? Maybe. I wonder if my son will get to experience life in New York. He’s a Brooklyn baby, but what happens if we move? 


One thought on “Let’s try this…

  1. Happy Anniversary to you guys!! I’ve heard that play is amazing. I think that living in NY you definitely take a lot for granted. Even though I was born and raised on LI, we came in to the city enough that I fell in love with it. I still miss NY and my family on a pretty daily basis. I absolutely still feel the wonder and magic that is NY as soon as we exit the Jersey Turnpike.

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