Sleep Deprived

Almost every morning at 5am, I wake to the sweet sounds of my baby boy. This wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t just put him to bed an hour and a half earlier. Somehow he went from sleeping in a five hour stretch to waking every 2 hours. Three, if you give him a bottle–and that’s if he decides to drink it.

I’ve taken all of the suggestions: a warm bath before bed-doesn’t work; cereal in his bottle-been doing it for the past 2 months-doesn’t work anymore; putting a shirt that smells like you in the crib-did it with both mine and his dad’s shirts-doesn’t work; and even this random Trini lady’s “put Nestum in his bottle to fill his belly”-doesn’t freaking work. It’s not a matter of getting him to go to sleep, it’s staying asleep.

I’m beginning to think I will never get a full night’s rest again.


3 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived

  1. Nope, not for a while! =) Didn’t want to lull you into a false sense of hope. But once he does sleep through the night, and hits stretches of 9 and 10 hours, you’ll be sooooooooo grateful!!

    • Sad to say, but he’s STILL not sleeping through the night. He sleeps on his stomach–he’s started to roll (to sleep on his side) and wakes himself up when he gets on his back now. I can’t bear to do the cry it out technique, so it’s just something we’ll have to deal with until he can learn to put himself back to sleep.

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