More Updates

It’s been a while!

Keeping up with Carnival Baby and Soca Daddy take up pretty much all of my time these days. I’m entertaining a 4 month old, trying to keep the apartment in some kind of order, semi-decorating for the Fall season, and keeping a husband fed, clothed, and satisfied.

Speaking of husbands, all is well. Prayer works. I’m going away for the weekend to a women’s retreat, and I truly feel like I’m going to be missed, and not just because I cook dinner twice a week. He’ll be with the baby from 3pm on Friday through Sunday, which just happens to be my 29th birthday.

I’m kind of on the fence about turning 29. I may just repeat 28. It’s weird to be so close to 30. While I’ve accomplished a lot of things I wanted to do before this age, there are still some more on my list. We probably won’t be able to purchase our first home by the time I turn 30, so my new goal is to purchase by the time Carnival Baby turns 5. That gives me enough time to clean up my credit, and for us to save up for a down payment. It’s funny, this time last year I was feeling sad that I wasn’t engaged yet, and that I hadn’t really done anything significant other than getting my MPA. This year I’m a married, stay at home mom. Wow.

Carnival Baby’s blessing was on Sunday. Despite a few snags (I will never patronize that restaurant again. EVER.), the blessing part went well. It was beautiful, actually. The church I grew up in simply anoints the babies with water and says their name and a prayer, but Carnival Baby got a personalized mini sermon and two prayers. Guess it pays to have two reverends in the family. It was nice to gather with family and friends and speak positive thoughts into our son’s life.

The baby is growing more and more each day. I think I’m going to start writing blog/letters to him each month, so that he can read about all the amazing things he did. He’s rolling over, laughing, and talking. He’s putting everything in his mouth, kicking off his socks, and developing a personality. He’s a joy. He’s a character. And best of all, he’s mine.

I’ll be back with more cohesive posts later this week. I’ve been slacking, and I want to update more often.


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