• Things are starting to return to some sense of normalcy around here. Thanks to some of our married (and wise) friends, we were able to communicate some things in order to begin working on respecting each other both as parents and as people.
  • I do want to share the boy’s pictures, but I’m worried about privacy. Most bloggers that show pictures, have aliases. Those who give their real names, rarely show pictures. I’ve already shared our real names, but will replace them with our new nicknames (the baby is now “Carnival Baby”, my husband is now “Soca Daddy”) in order to share a little more. We’re super guarded…only close family and friends have seen his entire face in pictures. Any pictures I share will only be up for a limited time, and will most likely be password protected.
  • The nicknames are inspired by the music we listen to most of the time. Soca Daddy and I met at my 24th birthday party and danced to it. Four years later, we danced to it during Labor Day weekend, when Carnival Baby was conceived. Carnival Baby danced to it in the womb. We joked that he would come “chipping” (the ” standard, shuffling dance step of Carnival”) down the birth canal.
  • I’ve got a business idea brewing. Thanks to Pserendipity, I’m putting fear to the side and putting my talents to use. I’ve  been doing a lot of research and brainstorming.
  • I’m seeing a ton of cute clothes for my favorite season! If only I had some money…NY & Co. has a  “Dairy of a Princess” collection I’m loving.
  • Is it sad that the only reason I’m considering going back to work is for the chance to wear nice clothes? Or is it sadder that I only want to work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8am-4pm?
  • If I do go back to work, I need to find a day care. The place that I had total trust in (in Brooklyn) doesn’t take them until age 3.
  • I feel like I’ve lost a little of my style since becoming a mom. Not that I was a fashionista to begin with, but I’d like to think I was cute. My daily outfits now consist of a t-shirt, one of the 3 pairs of jeans that fits me, and flats or camouflage sneakers. Sometimes I throw on a tan jacket. I’ve bought some of those dangly feather earrings, but Style Watch says they’re out for fall (and I feel like they overwhelm my face anyway)–so I’ve been wearing silver studs in the 2 holes in each ear and the one in my nose.
  • I could be more stylish if my weight was consistent. It’s hard to shop when you fluctuate between a size 4 and a size 0. Thankfully, we bought a TON of groceries…now I just have to remember (and find time) to eat.
  • I think I’m starting to get bored with my hair. I like the ease of the wash n’ go, but I want the big, full head of curls. I’m toying with buying a wig, but I feel like that kind of contradicts the natural thing. And I know Soca Daddy (and my own dad) will laugh at me. Maybe for winter…I have the feeling my head’s going to be pretty cold if this TWA stays teeny.



5 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. Aww, thanks for the pic of the little prince!!! We’ll accept the cute profile shot for now! *lol*

    Good luck with the business idea! There is enough room for everyone to live out their dreams.

    So very glad to hear that you guys are communicating. Continuing to pray for your family!

    • The funny thing is, almost ALL of his online pictures are the side profile. His face has only ever been shown in text messages. I might put up the video of him dancing, but I’m not 100% yet.

  2. Look at my nephew! I completely understand about the hair…it’s the reason I don’t cut mine off every time I have the urge (which is quite frequent!) Short is so cute and functional, but limiting. Don’t let anyone’s baggage about natural hair keep you from looking how you want, though. Wig it up, if you want!

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