Long time, no blog

Taking care of a kid is hard work, man.  Especially since my baby has turned into quite the little chunkster these days. I don’t know exactly how much he weighs (we’ll find out at the doc’s next week), but he is killing my back. It seems like he’s putting on all the weight I lost when he was born. Mommy would like those 225 lbs back, baby.

He’s currently trying to escape his pack n’ play. In his sleep. I wish you could see the way this boy and his cirque du soleil moves.


I think I need a lactation specialist. To live with me. Seriously. Is it supposed to hurt this much? Am I doing it wrong? My boobs feel like I just came from getting a nipple piercing in the Village.


The hubs and I have figured out a plan for returning to work. I’m praying that he gets the job he applied for (and you should too).  It would make our lives easier if he was able to work in Brooklyn. I’m going to start applying in September, even though I don’t really want to go back until the Buddha baby is 6 months.  We’ve discussed the monetary issues and decided on a day care (both in BK and in Queens). I’m trusting that God will continue to take care of us, and that things will work out.


I really want a car. I don’t necessarily need a car. I have no clue how to change a tire, and I’ve never actually pumped gas…but I really want a car. A black Nissan that I would dub “The MILF Mobile.” I probably should drive more than once every 6 months, though.


Speaking of driving, you know how I know I was still kind of out of it after I got out of the ER? The next morning was alternate side parking. My best friend was staying with me and needed to move her car, but she was still sleeping. Why did I take her keys, drive around the neighborhood, go to the beauty supply store on one of the main streets, and then double park her car around the block? When I hadn’t driven a car since finding out I was pregnant in NOVEMBER?

Side note: That’s how I know my best friend loves me. She didn’t call the cops when she realized I stole her car, she congratulated me on getting up the nerve to drive.


This weekend (and next week) are pretty busy for us. Frat picnic tomorrow, wedding on Sunday, best friend comes to visit on Monday, family pictures on Tuesday, and doctor’s on Wednesday. Then I think we’re back at my mother in law’s from Thursday on…

What’s going on in your world?




2 thoughts on “Long time, no blog

  1. We could see how he squirms if you posted a picture!!!

    breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt that bad! Have you used the Lanisoh cream? That worked pretty well, but lately I’ve been using sweet almond oil. My nips feel great after using it. While they’re still sore apply it every time after you nurse. Now I just put it on after the shower. No more pain!

    Praying for hubby’s job!

    • I’m still kind of iffy on putting his pictures on the blog…but–we are taking family pictures next week that we might put on facebook. If you’re on, be my friend! It hurts like a pain I’ve never felt. I read in Chicken Soup for the New Mom’s Soul that it feels like “a rabid kitten attacking your breasts,” and I agree wholeheartedly. I’m trying to stick it out, but since we don’t really “do” pacifiers, I’m it. I’ve used Lansinoh, but it feels so heavy. I like Palmer’s Nursing Butter, but it’s hard to find if you don’t buy the pack (nursing butter, stretch mark cream, body oil, bottom butter for babies). How do deal with soreness IN the shower? When the water hits, it hurts!

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