First off, I don’t do Twitter, so I don’t know if that title is even right. Anyway, the point of this post is to highlight the great stuff that’s been happening for our family lately.

If you didn’t already know, I haven’t worked a day since March. I received unemployment for a while until being “randomly selected” for a new program that would require me to report to the local office and attend workshops. The week before I was due to go in for a resume workshop, the baby was born. So essentially, we’ve been living off of hubby’s paychecks and what was in savings. Since hubs works in the school system, he doesn’t work over the summer-a blessing and a curse. However, since we’re #winning, we haven’t really had to worry about a lot.

1. Grandmas=Free babysitting

2. I never win ANYTHING. In the past month, I’ve been selected to receive $525 at two stores that are like church to me. Seriously. A trip to Target or Home Goods is a praise and worship experience.

3. I’m going to embark on a new project soon. My Blog la Familia rocks.

4. I honestly don’t want for anything. I told hubby the other day that this is the happiest I’ve ever been. All I really desire is the 40 pack of pink velvet hangers we saw in BJ’s while grandma babysat.

5. We’ve been able to save so much money by cutting our locs. However, we spend a lot of money trying out new products to enhance curls and waves. Hubs took me to a store around the way…I was able to find a ton of new products for cheaper than the local beauty supply! The Creme of Nature Argan oil line that I could only find the leave in treatment to? They had the shampoo, conditioner, sheen spray, AND leave in conditioner spray. The Organix conditioner I wanted to try, but didn’t want to invest $8 in? They had the entire line, and at $5.99 each. Plus, the store sold books! I got Juantia Bynum’s “The Threshing Floor” and Michelle McKinney Hammond’s “How to Make Love Work” for $5.00. Not each, in total. I take the covers off of my hardcover books anyway, so having a book without a cover was no biggie. For $0.99? Not a big deal at all.

6. Baby is up to 8lbs! We took him in to the doctor after he exhibited some Exorcist-like symptoms when we switched his formula. The doctor said not only was he alert, he seemed like a baby born at full term. AND that he was a good baby with a great temperament.

7. I got my first huge smile from the baby. I was doing the Mommy thing and kissing him uncontrollably when he broke into a huge toothless grin. Daddy’s been able to get one out of him before, but I hadn’t been able to. Ha, Dad! In yo’ face!

8. My son has a ridiculous amount of clothes. And diapers. We shouldn’t really have to buy him anything until after his first birthday, aside from long sleeve shirts and hoodies. We have so many diapers that I’m giving a box of newborns and size 1’s to a friend who just had her son.

*Side note: I’m loving Marsha Ambrosius right now. Even though she’s on hubby’s list of women. (It’s ok, I have a list of men that includes Hill Harper, Michael Ealy, Borris and Morris) I am really feeling her outfits in the “Late Nights Early Mornings” video.

I think that’s about it, guys. I’m doing much better. Feeling really good these days. Still seeing someone to work on the issues that led to the breakdown, but I’m enjoying life, my son, and my family.


4 thoughts on “#Winning

  1. I don’t do Twitter either, but I’m 100% sure that you used #winning correctly! *lol*
    Sounds like things are good for you and the family right now. That’s fantastic!
    Congrats on winning those gift cards!
    Their smiles make everything else seem insignificant, don’t they???

  2. Woohoo! You really are winning. And, as a twitter addict, I’ll confirm that you used the hashish perfectly :). Yours making me wanna pull out my journal and revisit my gratitude lists; writing them always helps to lighten my mood.

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