The Superstar

Be on the lookout for the next March of Dimes brochure on breastfeeding…the baby and I will be in it!

My doula/sorority sister sent me an email. The March of Dimes was looking for African American mothers with babies 4-6 weeks old who breastfeed. It paid a nice amount. I checked with my husband to see if he would be okay with it, and then I called. They asked for a few head shots, and then told me they’d be in touch. A day or two later, we were confirmed! We got there and everyone cooed over the baby. We were escorted to the photo studio, where a stylist picked out some outfits, did some natural looking makeup, and put some sheen in my hair.

We took a ton of pictures with the baby laying in my arms, sleeping on my shoulder, and eating. The photographer and director kept telling me how beautiful he was, asking if I had ever modeled before, and that I could be a hand model. I don’t know if they were trying to butter me up, but I liked it. They took over 1,000 pictures–they said it was the most they had ever taken. They ran out of poses for us after a while, and told me to just act natural. Eventually the photographer convinced herself to stop silly. They’ll be sending us a CD with the photos soon!


6 thoughts on “The Superstar

  1. How cute! I hope we get a peek at the finished brochure. Glad that everything went well. And it’s cool that you’ll get to have all those pics for yourself!

    • I’ll definitely try to post some pics when we get the CD. I’m still iffy about pictures that show his face on the internet, but if he’s in a national publication anyway…

  2. Hey chica! I’ve been getting caught up on my blog reading. I’m glad that things are better and that you are settling in to motherhood. I well remember the most horrible argument of our marriage – it happened the night after we came home from the hospital. Coincidence? I think not. The first few weeks (months?) can be really rough – and no one seems to tell new moms that. Congrats for being chosen for the brochure and for the added bonus of lots of pics of you and Nasir. Anyhoo, I’ll stop blogging in your comments – take care!!!

    • Seriously, though? I wish someone had told me how hard motherhood was. Coupled with being a new wife? Madness. I’m starting to get into the swing of things though, and now that I’ve figured out how to do stuff while Nas is asleep, I’m about to go Martha Stewart all up and through our apartment.

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