Just the Facts, Ma’am


Baby’s Name Meaning: Helper; Son of a wise man

Nicknames:  Boy Boy, Man Man, Daddy, Jim Jim, Squirm Worm, Fussin’ Gus, Snooka Booka

Fun Traits: Smiling in his sleep, peeing on Dad

Favorite Lullabies: “Wotless” by KES The Band, “Wine to De Side” by Benjai, “Trini” by Benjai (clearly a West Indian child)

Best Baby Shower Gifts: Fisher Price Swing ‘n Seat, Moses basket, diapers and wipes, basketball hoop, baby whirlpool bathtub

Shower Gifts x2:Stroller bundle (for cold weather), camouflage diaper bag (for Dad, Mom still doesn’t have one and is using big purses and cloth recycling bags)

Shower FAIL (Things we needed/wanted, but didn’t get): Bumbo Seat–but someone bought the tray for it, Stroller (it’s on the way)

Things We Got and Didn’t Know We Needed: Bassinet, bathtub with newborn insert


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