It has been a hectic three weeks. I am still getting used to the ups and downs of motherhood, the highs and lows of married life, and how my own life has changed completely. It’s been emotional, turbulent, and a general roller coaster. Things that I thought would happen, didn’t. Things I said I’d never do, I did. Overall, I think I’ve matured a great deal in the past three weeks. I have a negative balance in my checking account, laundry has to be done daily, and I’m stressed like you wouldn’t even believe, but my son is taken care of.

When I post, I’m going to try and be as real and raw as I can be, while still keeping some elements of my life and my struggles private. I want to share my stories, but not share every single detail. What I really need is an outlet for my thoughts and feelings without criticism, guilt, or shame. Just allow me to share a little bit of the real me with you.


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