Baby shower planning…

I put together 40 more favor boxes yesterday. I think they look cute, but we’ll see. I dont’ really care at this point. I also put together the “prizes” for some of the games. We have to go to Michael’s and Bath and Body Works today to get some more stuff.

The diaper cakes are supposed to be coming along, the ladies at the senior center where my mom volunteers are supposed to be putting them together. Again, not caring. The games should be set, but I’m not stressing that. They know what I want.

I still have to pick up my dress, get my hair done, and get my nails done. Haven’t decided if I want to wear makeup…I don’t know how to put it on anyway.

The grumpiness continues. Last night, Baby N just wouldn’t let me get comfortable. His dad kept talking to him, but he wasn’t trying to hear it. He felt that his leg should rest here and his arm should go there, and he wasn’t moving for anyone. I drank this tea that’s supposed to strengthen my uterus and whatnot, and then got into bed. After waking up every 2 hours, N decided it was playtime at 4am. We stayed up for an hour listening to Daddy snore, watching HGTV, and reading What to Expect while N squirmed around and did some baby ninja moves. We finally went back to sleep at 5:15…just as Daddy’s alarm went off. N thought that 6am was long enough for us to sleep, so we got up and have been up. I don’t think a nap is in our future.

I have yet another doctor’s appointment at 1pm. Hopefully the contractions are no more, they don’t want to increase my medication again, and they say N will stay put for a few more weeks. My doctor can take his “induce” and shove it. My dad is supposed to start painting N’s room today, so I’ll be heading upstairs away from the fumes (although I doubt there will be any, since it’s no VOC paint).

I went to visit my play cousin and her new baby girl…and it hit me. This is for real. In a few weeks, I’ll have a little person of my own.


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  1. Ummmm, where are you? Pregnant women can’t just go for almost a week without posting! I need to know if you had the baby or if you just don’t feel like blogging right now, lol

    • Wow, a week? I didn’t realize it had been that long. I’ve been busy doing so much…like pushing out the baby! Nasir Menelek was born on May 11th at 7:35pm, weighing 5lbs, 8oz. He’s in the NICU because he was born at 35 weeks, but he’s pulling through. I’ll post the details of his birth story later, but I was able to do it without drugs! Hope you guys are doing well!

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