Our trip to Maryland

(Why did I start crying listening to Lauryn Hill sing “To Zion”? Damn pregnancy hormones.)

I woke up at 5:30 when my cell phone alarm went off. Hubby was still asleep, and when I asked if we were still leaving at 6:00, he said  6:30 and rolled over. I took my time in the shower, trying to shave my legs. Do you know how hard it is to shave your legs when there’s a beach ball in your way? Anyway, we headed out to grab some breakfast and get on the road. We left NYC around 7:30 and plugged the hotel address into the GPS.

(cheesy fake smile)

We only stopped for me to use the bathroom twice. Once we hit the Maryland area, my husband’s frat brother called. Turns out, he needed a ride from my sorority sister’s house–here’s the back story: My husband’s personal is also my line sister’s husband. They were staying with the sister who I guess is what you’d call our Dean of Pledges and her husband for the weekend. So anyway, we head over there, since Baltimore wasn’t too far from where we were on the highway. I hadn’t seen my “Dean” since I was about 3 months pregnant, so she was excited to see the bump. The guys headed out, and we called another one of our sisters to come out for lunch. We went to this great vegan-ish cafe. The syrup for our breakfast came in a Grey Goose bottle…

The guys decided that we should meet them at the hotel, instead of coming back to pick us up. We went over to the Hilton to get ready.

The banquet was pretty nice. Quite a few people came up to us with congratulations and belly rubs. A lot of old school brothers came out to represent. The younger brothers (like those who had just crossed) couldn’t wait to stroll.The older bros started stepping, and then the DJ got the party started. He played older songs like “Poison” and “Follow Me” and got the crowd moving. Some folks from the party down the hall stood by the door and looked like they wanted to join in.

Around midnight, we left for our hotel. Check in took a good 15 minutes, as there was only one clerk on duty. When we went to our room. and it was definitely not what we paid for. Who gives a married couple two queen beds? I called down to the front desk, and they told me someone would meet us at our new room. After waiting at the new room door for 10 minutes, my husband went down to the front desk (because angry black pregnant lady wouldn’t have been as nice). He came back with the key and told me the front desk claimed they had no reservation for a king room for us. Finally, we got into our room and were pleasantly surprised.

I know what I paid for. Sadly, we were only able to stay the night. In the morning, I complained to the manager about the service we had received…and got free breakfast. We went back to my sister’s house to pick up the other couple.

After a hearty Ethiopian meal, we went to Busboys and Poets for dessert. Definitely have to go back! I told hubby that if we end up moving to the DMV area, we’re going to have to join a gym. I can see us getting really fat if we ate like that all the time. We got back on the road, and reached NY around 10:30pm.

All in all, we had a good weekend despite a few snags. It was worth it to get away, even for a little while!


4 thoughts on “Our trip to Maryland

  1. Glad you had a great time. You looked super cute in your dress. Yes, the food in this area is downright sinful. And now with groupons, living social and a million other deal companies, it’s even harder not to over indulge.

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