N’s Baby Cave

Daddy has his Man Cave, N’s got a Baby Cave.

Once the baby’s room is finally cleared of the desk, hampers, laundry, ironing board, and Daddy’s clothes; and after Grandad washes the walls, fills in the holes left by my former roommate, and paints, it should look a little something like this:

This is the set my parents are ordering for us. It includes the crib, mattress, changing table, and dresser. My dad is concerned with the sturdiness of the furniture. I’m more concerned with the price. For some reason, I don’t like people spending money on me/us.  I go for the most affordable options that still have some style to them. Anyway, back to Baby N’s room.

We’re going with a jungle theme. Daddy is obsessed with lions, so I’ll let him have fun. Most of N’s clothes and accessories have lions on them somewhere anyway. Here’s the bedding we’ve chosen. The set comes with just about everything, including a valance for the window. Keep in mind though, that I HATE monkeys, so a lot of the matching items won’t be making it to our house.


The walls will be a nice golden yellow, with this over his bed.

This lamp will go on his dresser, along with this soothing sounds giraffe.

I’m moving the rocking chair from our living room into N’s room, and I might move the “table” that goes with it. It’s really just a large bamboo vase with a glass top that I picked up at KMart, but I’m a little nervous about it. I guess it can stay in there until he starts walking.

These will go on the changing table to hold his diapers and all of his Burt’s Bee’s supplies.

I’m finally getting excited. We have our shower invitations, and I’m making progress in my Susie Homemaker lifestyle. We should be done with N’s room sometime in May, hopefully the week after the shower. I definitely want to get it painted and fix the electrical issues by the end of this month. In just about 8 weeks, he’ll be here!



One thought on “N’s Baby Cave

  1. LOL! It’s hilarious how similar the rooms are. I’m pretty sure that’s the exact furniture set we asked for too. I was just saying how I needed to find a large stuffed lion for his room. MrC is obsessed with them too and since the symbol for the tribe of Judah is a lion, it fits perfectly.

    We got Sherwin Williams Harmony no VOC paint to do the room. It had some mixed reviews on the website, but I think it’s worth a shot. Let me know what paint you use since you’ll probably have it done before me.

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