We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

Things are back to normal in our house. I’ve been reading “The Power of a Praying Wife,” so that may have helped in the way I reacted. I’m also sick, so hubby gets to step in and be a hero for me and Baby N. I’m not dying anymore, but this cough is pretty terrible. I sound like I have a pack a day habit or something.

I have my appointment with the perinatologist next week. I’m concerned that I didn’t have an appointment earlier…who knows what my blood sugar is looking like right now? I could test myself with my mother’s stuff, but that’s her stuff. I want my own fancy diabetic stuff. I wonder if they can give me a pink meter? Gotta be stylish in my sickness, man.

I think House Hunters is sending me subliminal messages. Yesterday, they were in Laurel, MD. Today, they’re in Washington, DC. I’m on homesdatabase now (Thanks, J!) looking at houses in Owings Mills and Mt. Rainer. I’m determined that the G family is moving out of New York by the time Baby N is three.

It’s my goal to find a job in one of the hotels that I’m sure will be opening in Brooklyn. With the new stadium being built, I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities for an HR person come September. I had originally hoped not to return to work full time until N was six months old, but I don’t know if our money will carry us hat far.

My play cousin’s baby shower is tomorrow. I’m already dreading the people who I know will ask if we planned to be pregnant together. No, because if we did, our other play cousin would be pregnant now instead of getting a law degree.

I want to go see Madagascar Live at Radio City. Don’t judge me. My husband is concerned because the lion is white. I keep explaining to him that N can’t see the lion anyway. I think he wants to go because he just emailed me a coupon. Don’t front hubby, I know you like to move it, move it.

I ordered a dress online for the hubs’ fraternity banquet next week. I’m hoping I don’t look like an overgrown grape in it. My mother went through her closet and thankfully found me a backup (also purple) in case my dress doesn’t work out. She also gave me something to wear on Easter Sunday…since even heathens go to church on Easter.

My godson is turning five next week. Five! I can’t believe it. I feel like he just got here. I guess I’m officially old…as if the baby wasn’t a clue. I sometimes refer to him as the little man inside me who doesnt want to be controlled…thank you Nikki Minaj…



One thought on “We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

  1. Madagascar Live sounds fun!!

    I’m sure you’ll look great in whichever dress you choose!

    LOL – Easter is the one Sunday I usually try NOT to go to church šŸ™‚

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