I know you mad, but so what?

This morning I had a meeting with the big boss and I knew no good would come of it. She tried to pull the okey doke with me, told me I was “in consideration” for the position when I’ve been running the effing department, and that I’d have to go through the same interview process as the other applicants they were currently seeing. * So you’ve been interviewing people for the job that I’m STILL IN without saying a mumbling word?* I said ok, but I was giving her the side eye. Oh, this was after she asked me to run payroll on Thursday by myself as a “test” to see if I could handle it, since that would be one of the duties of the position I’d be interviewing for. *So now I have to prove myself AGAIN?* Then she tells me that since I’m leaving in May and not planning to return until September, I’ll need to train the person who will be replacing me. I told her I didn’t think that was fair, since my “training” was basically being sat in front of a computer and being told to figure it out. Anything I’ve learned, I’ve taken the initiative to learn my damn self. Nobody trained me on anything. She claimed that my willingness to train someone would be indicative of my “leadership skills,” and by making that statement I had shown her that I probably wasn’t the best person for the role. Major side eye at this point…I told her maybe I wasn’t. I explained that I felt jerked around by the company and has been proving myself since day one, holding on to the hope that they would hire me full time. She then insulted me by asking why I had stayed as long as I did. I told her that I originally thought hard work and initiative were recognized by the company, and that my work ethic would show and be the reason why I was hired. She asked about my previous interviews, and I let her know that I was the one who scheduled them, not the lazy supervisor. Oh, by the way, he blatantly LIED to my face when he told me they had made an offer. Basically just BS’d me to keep me working.
I set my emails to “do not deliver before 1:30pm”, and left for “lunch” at 1:15. Deuces, bitches. Train yourself.

3 thoughts on “I know you mad, but so what?

  1. I read your prior email and was pissed off as well. I’m also working contract and have been told that my company wants to bring me on perm, which I’d really like so I could have like vacation and bennies..you know, shit like that. My manager has been kind of dragging her feet on it, so I’ve been floating my resume out there as well.

    Sounds like they were stringing you along cause you were contract AND you were preggers. Bastards.

    I assume you’re on an extended “lunch” now for good.

    • The funny thing is this was supposed to be a temp to perm position. I definitely think they didn’t want to give me maternity benefits, but the company probably wasn’t a good fit for me anyway…I speak my mind and don’t work ridiculous hours.

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