Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, mostly to vent. I will try to convey this in the most eloquent way possible (without curses) while still explaining the bull shiggedy I’ve encountered during the course of my tenure at this particular workplace.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the back story, I’ll try to make this short. I was laid off from Company X in January of 2009, right after MLK Day. Company X paid me for two weeks and sent me on my way. I collected unemployment while in search of a full time job, finally landing at Company Z through a temp agency. Company Z hired me for what was to be a temporary to permanent position. After interviewing with four people to determine my “fit”, I was supposed to meet with a higher up. The meeting was scheduled, but somehow just never happened.

Three months passed, and a new higher up was brought on.  A short while after, I was told that although I was good at my position, the company needed to determine if I was the best person for the position. As it was a part of my duties, I was asked to list my position on various websites to bring in other applicants. Several candidates came in to interview, but only two made it to a final interview. Neither of the candidates was impressive enough to be hired. All asked for salaries in the range of $100-$120k. My supervisor was to set up a meeting with the higher up in charge of hiring, but never did. I scheduled the meeting myself, brought my resume and a list of things I had done while at Company Z, and then was made an offer. The offer was insulting, considering that I see what everyone in the company makes because of my payroll duties. Based on my experience and advanced degree, I could have asked for a salary of $80k, but asked for $20,000 less. The salary was around what Company Z offers entry level associates.

Shortly after the offer was made, I decided to cut my hours because I didn’t believe my services were being valued. This was also around the time I learned I was pregnant.  I tell people I cut back on my hours because I was pregnant, but the real reason is that I was tired of Company Z’s foolishness. I didn’t have insurance, and ask my supervisor if there was anything he could do–I hadn’t told him that I was pregnant just yet. I offered to pay the full premium, if I could simply be added to the company’s plan. He basically told me there was nothing he could do. This was another reason why I cut my hours. At first, my supervisor seemed to realize that I do a hell of a lot to keep the department running, and inquired about my hours. I said the current hours worked for me, as I would need to prepare for the baby’s arrival. While browsing the company intranet, I found an opening listed for an HR Director. The opening listed all of my current duties, with a starting salary of $100k. Being me, I applied. I haven’t heard anything yet.

When my supervisor got a supervisor, she asked me to give her a list of my responsibilities, as well as a list of my duties each day for two weeks. She emailed me the list my supervisor had sent her, which listed only a small portion of what I do. I gave her a detailed list, so she could see exactly what it is I do while my supervisor plays Farmville and ping pong for the majority of the day. At first, it seemed that she just wanted a handle on the department (as she is a micro-manager), but then some of my duties were turned over to other associates. She began asking me to document certain processes. When I came to Company Z, there weren’t really any established or documented procedures. Each person who has been in the role before me had no prior HR experience, and was promoted from the receptionist position.

Last week, an employee was concerned about contributions made to their 401k. There was no documentation of the employee ever enrolling in the 401k plan. Since I’ve been at the company, any employee changes or enrollments have been documented in at least two places. This employee’s enrollment would have been under the first person responsible for the HR role. When I made that point, my supervisor (who was attempting to look like he was on top of things to his supervisor) threw me under the bus and said I was placing blame and that it was “all of our responsibility”. Actually, it’s not, because you don’t know anything about employee files, payroll, or how the process works. About two days after that, they hired a temp who had only been there six months and gave her benefits immediately. She’s still in college, and doesn’t have an undergraduate degree, but she’s a higher up’s sister. She was hired at $50k, about $5k more than I was offered. This week, I found my current position posted on an HR job board after receiving a candidate’s resume.

At this point, I’ve officially had it. I had originally planned to stay up until two weeks before my due date, but I can’t take it anymore. The stress of feeling unwanted by this company when I bust my behind daily is just too much. I feel that I’ve been working to show them my potential and holding on to hope that they would hire me since starting in May 2010. It’s almost May again, and they’ve basically shown me how much they value me and the contributions I’ve made. More and more duties are being piled onto my workload, without my hard work being recognized or compensated. I’ve done the math, and for the three days I come in, I make the same amount not working and collecting unemployment for a week. I could have been looking for another job all this time, but I was holding on to the foolish hope that they’d actually hire me. I plan to leave in the middle of April, with no advance notice. I’m simply going to go in, tell them my doctor has advised me to stay home on bedrest, and quit. The sad thing is, I’d come back after the baby is born if they would just pay me what I deserve.



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