I’m watching “Best Places I’ve Ever Been” on the Travel Channel, and they’re featuring Walt Disney World. It got me thinking…I can’t wait to take the boy to Disney World. I’ve been 4 times:

  • when I was 5 and my mom was pregnant with my little brother
  • when I was 10 with my mom, dad, brother and cousin (I was so excited I talked in my sleep)
  • when I was 12 for a children’s chorale competition
  • when I was 17 for my high school senior trip

Of course, I loved all of the rides. My favorite is a toss up between the Tower of Terror (at MGM), Splash Mountain and the Rock ‘n Roller coaster (MGM). Really, I just like roller coasters. It will be fun to experience Disney through my son’s eyes. I can’t wait to see the wonder and excitement on his face. I really would like to go around the holiday season–the parade is awesome!

In thinking about Disney and all the mom stuff that will be coming my way, I realize I still have some growing up to do. I just don’t feel like a “real adult” quite yet. I would like to purchase a car by the end of this year (which my husband thinks I’m being totally unrealistic about) and move out of New York by 2014. I want N to go to a great school, and the NY city public school system is slowly going down the drain. While I loved the elementary school I went to, and it met my mother’s high standards, it’s just not the same anymore. I want him to benefit from small classes, dedicated teachers, and a community environment. I want to be involved in PTA and have teachers who honestly care about his education. And I kind of want him to wear a uniform…so we’ve decided that he will most likely attend a charter school.

I’m excited for him to arrive. I’m really excited for the aches and pains at night to stop. Lately, I’ve been waking up from 2-4am, waking up again at 5, and then getting up for real around 6:30 to get ready for work. My ankles hurt, but aren’t swollen. My calves hurt. My feet and palms itch. Breathing is sometimes hard when I stand for too long. Oh, and his kicks are pretty serious. But I don’t complain. I know there are people out there who would give anything to be in my shoes right now. The pain is worth it. The heartburn is worth it. The weird feeling of my stomach resting on my thighs (lol) is worth it. And when I see his little face, it will absolutely be worth it.



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  1. Get hubby to give you a massage before bed. Since we started doing that I only wake up for my one bathroom trip (or if he’s snoring really loud and I have to hit him.)
    It’ll definitely be worth it! This is so exciting 🙂

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