Late Nights & Laziness

For the first time in a long time, the hubs and I were out past 9pm. Hot diggity dog! Last night, we attended the surprise birthday party of two of his best friends. While the venue wasn’t my cup of tea (Brooklyn spots can be really hood sometimes), and the music definitely wasn’t (did you know there’s some song about shaking your ass and making it rain?), it was nice to be awake and out of the house. And the jokes kept rolling. I was offered Grey Goose, asked if I wanted a drink with a little more “kick,” accused of drinking more than cranberry juice, teased about being an unfit mother for holding hubby’s drink, and put right in the middle of a picture of the birthday boys and their cake…which will be appearing on one of those club party picture sites soon. Lovely.

On Wednesday, we had a visit with the birthing center. They made me drink a sugar solution that tasted like Fanta soda, and then took my blood an hour later. I must say, I really love the lady who takes my blood. She understands my fear of needles and my need to look at the wall while she asks me questions to try and distract me. The first time, we talked about how I hate needles but have two tattoos. This week’s conversation focused on what we’d be having for dinner. Oh, and they took hubby’s blood too. Added bonus! Apparently, they found a trace of some iron deficiency in my blood, and had to test him to see if it’s something that will be passed on to Baby N. He talked about his tattoos, too. Then we went to Red Lobster, which was super crowded. He thought it was because everyone had gotten paid on the 1st, I thought maybe people had gotten their tax refunds…either way, we black folk seem to love us some lobster. Anyway, we walk in and the place is packed. As I walk up to see how long the wait is, a lady asks if we’re a party of 2 and hands me her buzzer. I asked her how long she’d been waiting, and she told me “too long” and left. I went to check the status on the wait and left my name with the hostess…within 2 minutes, they showed us to our table. So thank you, unknown impatient lady. You really made my night. And so did the cheddar biscuits.

I’ve made absolutely no progress in clearing N’s room. The Salvation Army doesn’t pick up furniture in our neighborhood, so I’m still stuck with this stuff. I’ve put the word out to some friends to see if anyone wants a desk or storage shelf, and if they don’t make arrangements in a week, I’m putting everything out on the curb. Everything. Including a monitor, printer, keyboard, 2 TV’s, 2 radios, and 2 cordless phones. Maybe.

My To Do list now includes:

  • grocery shopping
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • clearing the living room “office” area
  • looking for a bookcase
  • clearing the TV stand
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • clearing out N’s room
  • coordinating the move of hubby’s clothes to the hall closet and setting up N’s closet
  • figuring out why the light and one wall of outlets isn’t working in N’s room
  • figuring out where N’s pack n’ play is going in our room
  • sweeping our room
  • maybe hiring someone else to do all this cleaning
  • signing up for prenatal yoga
  • calling to figure out when lamaze classes start
  • finding a pediatrician for N
  • scheduling maternity portraits
  • picking up my newly sized wedding ring
  • getting a manicure to highlight my newly sized wedding ring

And yet, here I sit.


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