I really like my husband. He’s the only one I can crack silly jokes with and quote funny things on TV to. If I call him right now and say “I’m going to fold you like a piece of paper,” he’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And laugh about it.

Don’t tell someone else to help me. It doesn’t help me very much. Especially when their idea of helping is turning around to ask me what’s going on with something.

I don’t have a problem having a problem if I have a problem with you. If I called my husband right now, he’d crack up.

We need to sign up for lamaze. And breastfeeding. And I need to sign up for yoga.

I’m excited to go to Philly this weekend. I’m even more excited to go to the natural hair show next month…but only because we get to stay in a hotel.

I really want some pizza right now. Even though I had baked ziti for lunch. And there was pizza in the office.

I kind of want some black cake too. With hard icing. Someone needs to get married so I can have some black cake with hard icing.

Baby registries are a hassle. I have 3.

My baby is either the next David Beckham or the next Lord of the Dance.

I’m cutting my hair. It’s in a weird in between stage where it’s too long to be short and too short to be long. I’m going for a new, cool, MILF style. Be back with before and after shots if I don’t chicken out.

What’s random with you?



3 thoughts on “Random…

  1. My husband and I share that same bond. I tell him all the time he doesn’t have to worry about a “new model” replacing him!

    Last week I had my hair cut into a bob, but now I want to add some color to it. Something bold. I guess a MILF color! I would love to see your cut if you go through with it.

    While pregnant with my twins, I felt as though I would need bladder repair due to all the kicking.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. MrC and I do that all the time. Lately our thing has been lines from Despi.cable Me

    I’m currently eating pizza! I want to eat it all the time so I tell myself if I have at least 5 servings of fruits/vegetables in a day, I can have some pizza.

    We haven’t done any registries yet. I’ll probably end up doing the same 3 places y’all did.

    Can you believe my momma and MrC won’t let me take any classes? I’ll just come get the knowledge from you.

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