Oh Boy…

Who knew crafting was so expensive? Hubby and I went to Michael’s yesterday to pick up some scrapbooking supplies (and some lanyard. Don’t ask.) for Baby N’s book. I was looking for something that had background mats and some embellishments already included with an album. I found one that I liked, although I thought it was too namby pamby baby looking. We finally settled on a kit that came with an album that could be personalized with his name, some stickers, and lots of mats. We picked up some additional stickers and another small kit, and of course, the lanyard…for a grand total of $45. Hubby suggested that we keep the book in a safe, for that price.

Baby N gets stronger each day. I can feel him kicking and moving, and sometimes I can see him shifting under my shirt. His dad makes sure to talk to him every morning and every night. We are getting prepared for his arrival by cleaning out the 2nd bedroom (scheduling Salvation Army for next week–thanks Tati!), signing up for lamaze class, and getting me enrolled in a yoga class on Mondays. I’ve cut back on my hours since I found out when I was pregnant, so I only work 3 days a week now. I’m actually kind of bored, so it will be good for me to have something to do. It’s weird…when I have nothing to do (or stuff I don’t really want to do), I’m a lazy bum. But when I have a ton of stuff to get done? I’m in my element. I go down the list of things I need to do and get them done. Speaking of…

We’re officially registered! At Target and on Amazon.com, we have registries set up for Baby N. I hate asking people for gifts, but I like giving them options of what to get, lol. Next Saturday, we head to Philly to set up our registry at Babies R Us. Thank God for family, because most of the big items are taken care of. Grandmere and Grandad have agreed to purchase his crib, changing table, mattress, and bedding; The Cheetah Girls (my best friends from college) are getting his stroller and possibly the pack n’ play; and Grandma and Grandpa are most likely getting his dresser. We’re pretty much set! All we need are some clothes, bottles, a pump…and all that other stuff that tiny people need.

I’m so excited to meet him! He seems to have a personality already. He kicks in time to certain music. His favorite song used to be “Aston Martin Music,” but now it’s a soca song called “Wotless.” He moves, dances, and kicks. I hope he’ll be a good dancer…I mean, after he learns to walk, lol. It’s so crazy…we’re having a baby!



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