My rent isn’t that damn high…

Yesterday, I ran into a copy shop that will remain nameless. When I saw the length of the line, my face screwed up into “Ugh? Seriously?” mode; but I needed my copies. I got on the line and noticed a man staring at me. He said “I watched you come in. You looked pissed. I wanted to make sure you weren’t coming in to stick up the place.” I laughed, concerned with my copies. I was already running late. I used my belly for sympathy and he let me skip him. He decided he knew that I was having a boy, and that I needed to eat soupy foods so that the baby would just “slide out.”

A man came in and wanted a picture with my new friend, so he asked me to take it. My new friend said, “Sure, she’ll take the picture, she doesn’t know who I am.” I told him I knew EXACTLY who he was. Who in the state of NY doesn’t know this man?

My rent just isn’t that high.

He offered me a ride. Luckily, my husband pulled up at that very minute.


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