Carnival Baby

“An explosion of colour, music, revelry, and creativity,’s Carn.ival has spawned similar celebrations around the world; but nothing on earth can rival the abandon, euphoria and stunning spectacle of our festival.

With its massive masquerade bands, spectacular costumes, pulsating music and unparalleled stamina for partying,’s Carn.ival is often described as the greatest show on earth. It is a time for release and everyone is invited to join the party.”

It’s about to be that time of year again. All of the new music coming out is making me want to go! Last year, I said that this was going to the year I went and played mas and got on bad and…and then I never followed through. If I wanted to go that badly, I would’ve started planning since last year. I would have booked my ticket (before it went up to $802). I would have made lodging arrangements. I would have found a costume and sent my cousin the money to pay for it. I would have been excited and packing now, instead of wondering what could have been. Although, if I did go this year, I’d be looking like this.

All of this leads me to start thinking about Baby’s cultural experiences. Daddy and I both have Caribbean parents, and we want to pass some culture on to our child. I want the baby to know his or her background. I want the baby to enjoy curry, mangoes, and roti. I want the baby to be able to wine. I want the baby to play in kiddie carnival during Labor Day weekend. We are creating a little person, an extension of ourselves…I want to raise a child who is proud of where they come from, proud to raise a flag, who knows who Machel and Benjai and Saucy and Sparrow are, who knows the history of the island, and knows what to do when a good song comes on. I’m playing with the idea of taking the baby to Trinidad when they are 3 years old–the same age I was the first time my mom took me. I feel like it’s only now I’ve come to appreciate my background…I don’t want my kid to be like that. I’ve been playing soca loudly enough for the baby to hear…maybe it will seep through the belly.


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