It’s been quite some time since I actually posted something. Since August, I’ve gotten married, gotten pregnant, and decided to get back into the blogging world. My life has changed almost completely from the way it was last year. I was worrying that I’d never get married and end up with a bunch of cats (even though they scare me terribly. Sneaky things.)  I was worrying that because I had been on birth control for so long, I’d have trouble conceiving a child. I was worrying about all the wrong things, because they all came together…all at one time.

Marriage: We had a very small ceremony at the Brooklyn city clerk’s office the day after Thanksgiving. My parents, brother, aunts, grandmother, and cousin; and his mom, sister, brother in law, and nephews came. Standing on line to go to the chapel took longer than the actual ceremony. I wore an ivory dress and a birdcage veil, he wore a suit and tie. We took a few pictures before the ceremony, and then the judge called us in.

We stood in front of the podium with our witness (his mom) and held hands. I honestly don’t remember what was said, because it all went by so quickly. He said yes I do, I said I do, we kissed, and it was over.

Married life has been good so far. I still kind of look at him in disbelief like, “Babe…we’re married. How crazy is that?” I changed my name at work, but I still have trouble remembering who I am, lol. I went to the doctor’s office for a prenatal visit and the nurse called me Mrs. G-I didn’t answer or even realize she was talking to me until she called my first name. When I called one of the benefit vendors at work and they asked my full name, I gave them my maiden name. The rep goes, “We don’t have a Tiffani W in our system, but we do have a Tiffani G…” Oh yeah, that’s me now.

Bump Watch 2011: I am 16 weeks pregnant. I think I’ve been feeling Baby move. It could just be gas, but any time Daddy comes around, I feel something weird. He makes sure to talk to Baby and kiss him/her before bed and each morning before work. He’s become so much more affectionate–I didn’t think it was possible, but he is even more lovey dovey now than he was before. He’s always asking if I took my vitamins, what we ate for the day…we even went to a Kwanzaa program at the day care center we want Baby to go to when he/she is of age. All of it is still crazy to me. I still can’t believe I’m really pregnant. Maybe the next ultrasound, where the baby actually looks like a baby (and not an Android) and we find out the sex, will make it real for me.

I’ll make more of an effort to post now. I’ve cut my hours at work in order to prepare for the baby, so I have some more time.



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  1. It’s so funny that we’re a week apart! Congratulations on your hubby and baby!

    Do you have a Michael’s near you? Or AC Moore, I’m sure they have 50% off sales too. I prefer Hobby Lobby because they have a lot of Christian stuff and I wanted some scripture stuff for my book. I’m going to put a lot of pictures of me in my book (vain much!?) and all the ultrasound pictures. I have quite a few doctor’s appointments so I’m going to have a collection of all my hospital bands in the book too.

  2. We do have a Michael’s! We went yesterday to pick up some earring hooks. I started picking up scrapbooking stuff, but hubby convinced me to wait until after we know if it’s a boy or a girl.

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