Wow, I guess the rest really was unwritten. Work, being in school, and other responsibilities have taken over my life…

-The second semester of grad school is almost done. First semester’s GPA was 3.9–this semester I doubt it will be that high. In fact, I’d be surprised if it was that high.

-My boss is out on maternity leave for a while. I think I’m going to step my game up in her absence (as her boss is still there) to start setting myself up for a promotion. No, not to take over her job–just to move up into management myself.

-I’m still awake because I’m scared to go to sleep. Not because of nightmares…but because I don’t want to flatten my “Easter curls.”

-The S/O and I have been talking about the “migration to the DMV.” Honestly, I’m really going to miss NYC if we do end up moving. The bodegas, Utica Ave., summer in the city, the fact that everything is still open at 3am. I really hope when I have kids that they’ll have a little bit of the Brooklyn swagga in them.

-I’m really excited about our cruise in August. I’ve been buying summer clothes, but it was snowing out here last week.

-Could that be the reason why leather jackets are still so expensive? I want a new one, but I haven’t found one I like at a reasonable price. I may have to get one of those no-name jackets from Square One in the mall. Or maybe the H&M one I saw that was super-thin pleather. Kidding.

-I guess I should go to sleep now, so I don’t do it in church later.


2 thoughts on “

  1. No you didn’t say Easter Curls! LOL! But yeah, I know what you mean.

    Everytime I see DMV, I think “Department of Motor Vehicles.” But I guess you guys aren’t going to move in there, right?

    Yay for high GPAs!!

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