Facebook is my nemesis.

I hate my job. Yes I know, complaining isn’t going to make anything better, but I really hate my job. this isn’t what I signed up for. I didn’t know that I was going to become a botanist, an IT technician, a maid, and a personal secretary. I didn’t know that I would have more than one boss. I didn’t think I would be expected to preform in the capacity of an intern while having a college degree. This really isn’t the job for me. At all.

I’m tired of being the one who always has to fix the computer. Or the printer. Or the copy machine. I’ tired of being told to water the plants…if you have to keep telling me, then obviously I haven’t been watering the plants. If you’re depending on me to water them, it’s likely that they’re going to die. I’m tired of being the errand girl. It makes me wonder why I spent so much money on going to college, only to end up here. Facebook only makes it worse, when I see people I know with jobs as analysts and brokers and everything I should be, but I’m not. Facebook makes me feel like a loser. When I look at people’s pages and see all the things I could have been…I could be dressing better, going to fun restaurants and parties, actually having money left over after my bills are paid…I could have a car, I could live in D.C., I could have gone to law school, I could have a job that actually means something to me….

But at this point, I don’t care about this job. I care so little about this job that I’m actually blogging from my desk right now. I care so little that I’m wearing jeans to work. On a Monday. I care so little about this piece of crap job that I peruse careerbuilder, monster, and craigslist whenever my boss goes into her office and apply for anything that will get me out of here. It’s a dangerous place to be, this area of non-caring. This job is only a paycheck to me now. And I’m counting down the seconds until I can actually have a career, somewhere where I WANT to go to work on a Monday, somewhere where I’ll get paid to use my brain cells. Because quite honestly, a well trained monkey could do my job.

I never would have known how much my job sucked or how inferior it made me feel had it not been for Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Facebook is my nemesis.

  1. What type of job/position/career do you truly desire? Outside of what everyone else is doing from college, what would make you happy? Have you figured that out? Have you written it down? I have never read your blog, so I don’t know. But when I really want something, I usually have to figure it out first. Get all the details in my mind. Write it down and then pray and be thankful that it is already worked out for me. Everyday I concentrate on being thankful that it is coming , instead of concentrating on where I am now. Then you look up and somehow you have shifted to where you want to be.

  2. I totally understand where u are coming from. I have recently lost everything, my credit, my house and just had my first baby and my friend from HS on facebook had hers but of course she looks amazing after the baby and has a wonderful house with beautiful things and I cringe everytime I see a new post. It is like I am a sadomashatic (sp?) or something loggin on only to find more people with crap I lost or will never have. But here is the thing, it is like a magazine with a star on the cover, you never really know what lies underneath all of that. Be happy with what you have but only if it makes you happy not because someone else looks like they have more. I know how hard that is but remember there are others out there like you who struggle with the same thing. Good Luck!!

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