Although I enjoy the perks of the current situation, the minuses far outweigh the pluses. I do not work for YOU. And I would appreciate if you would stop speaking to me as though I do. You have already crossed the line by going to my real boss and telling her that you feel like you’ve done something to me, and you don’t understand why I am giving you a “vibe”. Now this morning here you come with your bullshit about how you feel like you have to tiptoe around me and you can’t ask me to do anything…how when you asked me about toner for the printer, the answer I gave you wasn’t the one you were looking for. What the hell is that? I DON’T WORK FOR YOU. I don’t have to answer any questions from you concerning things I am doing for other people who are not you. Don’t call me aside like you’re the school principal. And then you ask me if something is going on? You know what’s going on? The fact that I don’t like you and I want you to mind your own business. The fact that I’m tired of being volunteered for the shit you don’t feel like doing yourself. The fact that you walk around like your shit doesn’t stink. I’m tired of being your lackey, your errand girl, your bitch. I’m tired of not standing up for myself and saying “fuck that” when you ask me to do your b.s. tasks. But I tell you what, this next event is my last damn event because I’m sick and tired. There is such a lack of respect in this office and I’m sick of it. If I don’t do certain things, they don’t get done. Even the courier who came in the other day said “Wow” when you asked me to do some bullshit you could have done yourself. If other people who don’t even work here can see the lack of respect, what the hell am I still here for? I have a B.A. A B.A. that I’m still paying for, and you have me doing the work of an intern. Water plants. Fix this. Do that. No, fuck you. I’m so tired of kowtowing to you because you’re the boss’ little favorite. The only reason I’m still here is because I haven’t found a new job yet. But as soon as I do….


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