Remember back in 2001 or so when Rupee came out with the song “Insomnia”? And it was all fun and games, chipping down the road with drinks in hand…mine is nothing like that.

I’ve been having insomnia, or something closely related to it, for the past couple of nights. I start feeling sleepy around 9:30, 10:00. I doze off, only to wake up around 1AM, only to lie awake and stare at the tomfoolery that comes on television at 1AM. Usually, I’ll go make a cup of chamomile tea  and drift off at 3 or 4, and then wake up at 7 for work. It’s a stupid cycle.

Last night, I had what I guess could be called a nightmare. I don’t remember all the details, but I know I woke up scared. So scared that I turned on almost every light in my apartment just to make cup of tea. It involved a man who I guess was my husband, and my father–who had a scheme going with my husband to kill me and collect the insurance money. I was running through the back stairway of my church (which you wouldn’t know is there unless you were a nosy kid like me) and climbing up a fire escape to get away from him (I don’t know which him it was). Somehow I ended up in a kitchen and he was right behind me…and I remembered the words of Madea and threw a pot full of hot grits on him, making my escape. Thank God I don’t have an insurance policy. Or a husband.


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