Allow me to reintroduce myself…

My name is BROKE.

And it is not a game. Why does the IRS feel the need to separate  me from the little bit of money that I have? I heard that if you made less than $54,000 annually, you could file for free. So I checked out the IRS website to make sure it was legit, found a company, and started to complete my info. At first they told me I could expect $1013 from the federali, and $9-something from the state–ok, sounds good. Sounds great, actually. I continue inputing my information, and the amount starts to drop. We start getting to 8. Then 3-something from the state. What happened? You mean to tell me because I live in Brooklyn, I can’t get money? I enter some more information, and all of a sudden, the color of the state amount switches to red and tells me I now owe them. Granted, it’s $53, but still! So I re-enter stuff until I get an amount that isn’t red.

I continue on with the process, and get to the “Alerts” section, where they tell you anything that could potentially mess with you getting your money. Now they’re telling me I can’t file as “Head of Household” because I have no dependents…and the federal amount slips to $453 when I change my status to “Single”.  I’m about to start popping out some kids. Maybe get a husband–but who knows, that will probably lower the refund amount too.

I think I’m just going to go to my guy from last year (a college roommate’s friend). He got me a nice amount last year–so nice, in fact, that I looked at my ATM receipt and wondered whose bank account I was looking at. So I guess I’ll just give in and pay him the $140 fee. It’s worth it if I can get back to the $1013 they teased me with.


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