*I’ve never really “done” Lent. Never knew that much about it until La Salle, the good Catholic university. Never got the ashes on Ash Wendesday. I’ve only taken communion once in life. Anyway, there was a girl who got on my nerves a lot. I told her I was giving her up for Lent.

*I think that people should be forced to dance to the music on their Ipods. If I have to hear it over my own music, you should have to dance to it.

*Listening to soca can be quite dangerous. I often find myself wanting to bust a wine on an unsuspecting man on the train. Attractive unsuspecting man, of course.

*I wish people would understand that this is New York City. We walk fast. If you want to walk slow, move to the side. Don’t try to text and walk at the same time if you don’t know how.

*The whole snowboarding thing in Union Square? I’m over it. It blocked the normal path I take to get to the office, and caused a lot of that “staring in the street to watch” kind of thing.

*I’m over Valentine’s Day too. Show me you love me every other day. And if you really want to show your love for me, buy me some furniture. Or another Target gift card.


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