I Voted.

And not because I was scared of P. Diddy, either. I believe that as an American citizen–as an African-American female American citizen–that I do have a right to vote. People fought for me to have this right, and I fully intend to use it. Don’t tell me about the electoral congress~I still got to have some sort of a say. They used to tell us when we were little that our one vote could make the difference, and maybe it can.

 I watched the junior high kids standing in the school yard and realized that with my vote, maybe I was helping to shape their future. It made me stand up a little straighter, walk a little taller. To know that people fought for me to be able to walk into that little booth and pull that lever. To know that I have a small part in what goes on in this world. Maybe you don’t believe that, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I watched the Will.I.am video with Common and John Legend and the rest of the celebs, and I really did feel like I was making a difference by voting.

Yes, we can. Maybe we really can.


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