Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener
That is what I truly want to be…Okay, not really. But lately I find myself wondering what the H-E-double hockey sticks I’m doing. Sound familiar? Reminds you of my first post, now doesn’t it? I would think that by now I’d have figured it out. I mean, really. At what age do you know what you want to be when you grow up? At five, I wanted to be a judge. At 10, I wanted to be an attorney, because they told me I could argue with people all day and get paid for it. At 12, I decided I was going to work at Essence. Somewhere along the road of Journalism 101, I lost all desire to write. {I blame you, Professor What’s-Your-Face.} Somehow I feel like I should’ve stuck with Communication as a major instead of a just a minor…when was the last time I honestly used my English degree? My first job out of college was as a policy writer. That lasted all of five minutes because the department was understaffed, leading me to become an administrator. My frustration with that position and my Atilla the Hun-like boss drew me to the events planning world. Well, that and my insane list making, organizing, “presentation is everything” personality. So now that I’ve landed my “dream job,” {it’s really not, just my dream career field}why do I still feel like I haven’t gotten it together? I’d like to become more involved, to be an actual planner instead of just an assistant–assistant literally means “person I give things to do when I don’t feel like doing them myself”/copy machine fixer/secretary/mailroom attendant/gardener/cleaning woman/office organizer. It’s not that I don’t like my job–it’s 100% better than my last one; however I do wish I had more responsibilities relating to actual events. I’d like to be a point person, to handle the calls related to an event, to be the one stressing on the day of…in reality, I’m the one transferring calls, taking reservations and tables when the point person is too frazzled, counting the number of chairs at a table and relaying changes to the catering manager, and the one calming everyone down on the day of. All complimentary meals and swag aside, I’d like to be more involved. I plan to take some classes at F.I.T. next semester–hopefully that will give me more of a presence at the office and help me to officially launch my venture. I feel like I’m not asking the right questions~it’s been a year and I know very little about the inner workings of what goes on around here. I was told that the individual I wanted to speak to regarding his business isn’t someone I should get close to…and I can see why {he’s simply a little too touchy-feely for me}. I feel that one of my biggest hinderances is my inability to speak with people I dont’ really know in the right way…I feel socially awkward at times. I guess in addition to my F.I.T. classes, I should take some extra communications classes.  I suppose if I’m really going to enter this pageant (more on that later), I’d better learn to speak as eloquently as possible. So what do I do? What do you guys suggest in terms of how I can present myself better and become more outgoing, more friendly, more “network-y”? How do I let my boss know that I’m ready for more responsibility? And most importantly, how I get this damn Oscar Mayer song out of my head?


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